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Australasian Institute of Medical Teaching and Education. Master MBBS & MD Examinations.


Examination preparation and revision material

Developed with Australian Guidelines



Peer-Reviewed Learning Content

The Australian Institute of Medical Teaching and Education (AIMTED) is proud to provide a series of medical revision resources to help Australian medical students excel on high-stakes barrier examinations. We pride ourselves on providing up to date information in a focussed manner to enable efficient revision.

At AIMTED we understand that, when revising for exams, revision question and resource saturation are a serious problem that students must navigate. Accordingly, we understand the importance of locally applicable and concise revision information, and strive to provide such information.

Our resources include:

  • Clinical revision notes appropriate for final barrier examinations.

  • Annual online practice examination, available to all Australian medical students.

  • Upcoming 2019 Australian guideline-based clinical question bank.